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and this principle is capable of much wider application to mental
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around the wounded man. A temperature of 104 to 106 ° is
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made, and the ingredients to be used in its composition. We hope therefore,
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Physician to the Pennsylvania Hospital. With 103 Original
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express his opinion upon the subject, which was the chief object
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There were present Drs. Davie (Victoria), President ; McGuigan
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Earle Terry Smith, 307 Broad street, Bridgeport, Conn.
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One case had an old callous ulcer on the lesser curvature, as shown by
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Schweigger-Seidel * and Kolliker mention only the occurrence
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with metritis ; operation, vaginal hysterectomy. Owing to excessive
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strength and hardness of the human femur, and the force neces-
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artery, infarcts of spleen and kidneys ; M 32 (Mark 263, P.M. 327),iold and recent
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creased intraocular tension, however, which was relieved
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ment that mav exist The dose never exceeds two grains
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ty as being for the most part a war of opinions. And some ground is given
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L. F. Hoyt, Fred. Hyslop, E. E. McPeek, James McPeelc, P. H. Manion and
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taken to the station iot disinfection, but are treated where
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simple equations — many a good and useful life would have
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30/20 and in his left 20/200. Under a mydriatic, I found
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the power of a salt to precipitate colloids or agglutinate bacteria has been
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this as in all apparently benign tumors of the breast, and it suggests
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occurred, with a high temperature, rapid pulse and ma-
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Hriixiv, A., medical inspector. Detached from the" i ni-
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and under conditions that were often most diuagreeable
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distressing pains I have felt for several years about my heart — the flutterings — the
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names must always be associated led to the passage of Acts like
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more rapid from the time of the appearance of nervous symptoms.
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iiilk is sent directly from the dairy farms to the consumer ; the bulk