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from these glands doubtless enter the blood through the absorbent
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The Medical Officer of Health should be the most-thought-of indivi-
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Twelve hours after inoculation, viz., 8 a.m. next day,
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acid solution for a period of two hours. Pieces of clothing which cannot be
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Dr. Glover C. Arnold was elected to flU the vacancy.
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of the local phenomena, which is not observed in cases of subcutaneous lympha-
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There are numerous other points of interest to which I cannot
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This preparation has long been used successfully in England
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patient was asked to compress and release a strong spring as quickly as he could with his left
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that, in future, the practice of venesection will be carried to the same excess as it
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be a severe one. The abdominal symptoms usually become more marked,
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Xow, let us take up Iwsteria as one of the most common forms of
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Library of the Royal Army Medical Corps College, Grosvenor Road, S.W., at 2.30 p.m., on
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under the base of the filiform papillae, and in the papillaa of the red edge of the lip, in the
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sympathetic benevolences ; and the hands are all unused to deeds of love and
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Wlien luxations with rupture or fracture of the parts are present,
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the hand to the axe, and cut by its roots the sterile tree of marriage. God
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his neck, and made to surround him hke a tent readying
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lower extremities, and was able to move only the head and the hands, but
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vidual with mitral incompetence is able to climb a mountain
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Fig. 3 View of the lateral surface of the same model shown in figures 1 and 2.
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muscular rigidity is most marked about the neck and throat, in
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form of leucocyte. A relative increase in the propor-
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cent, for four years before the serum treatment was adopted, and that since
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the disease, so as to procure consolidation of the bones : but I had