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read at the Meeting: — Dr. \Vilks, The Exhibition of Sulphurous Acid

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Whipple, Dr. Falconer, Mr. Baker, Dr. Henry Barnes, Dr. Bryan,

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tion in the Diseases of Women and Children is given in the Wards, and

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.Guy's, 1.30 P.M.— Westminster, 2 P.M.— National Orthopsedic,

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liability of unpleasant and protracted secondary effects, as nausea,

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Committee, next session, to inquire into the subject with a view to dis-

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it seems to be a salutary though troublesome practice. The advantage

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gratulated Dr. Porter, one of the surgeons, on his recent appointment

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to the Secretary of the Admiralty ; on the receipt of which application,

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put to bed as usual. The next morning, blistering had commenced,

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