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Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association for the dis-

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sanity of the brain. He whose brain is insane is gen-

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earth and he that is wise will not abhor them." Now

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union was not effected in any case of refracture in which the second

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In selecting his type he should follow the natural tendency

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Art. IV. — The ofiBcers of this Society shall consist of a President, First and

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Beside the four cases referred to above, the cranial

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immature nervous centres are exposed to peculiar sources of irrita-

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dropsy, was able to have, after one thorough course, three children

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ment of Senate Bill No. 411, known as the Bill on Optometry, would be

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of pleasure in looking at the mounted skeleton ; but

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of escaping the cares and anxieties of maternity' — to many,

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61. The medical officer commanding is three paces in front of the

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church, Fairfield, for the following. " Doctor James Laborie, a

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instrumentality of the right hemisphere. The same kind of thing would,