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such as singing in the ears, desire to vomit, and a kind of


Of food than Is here named, say on ten ounces of bread in twenty-fbur hour*, or a pint of milk, or

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untiring devotion to a great idea through five years; A

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considerably and the temptation to deceive is, therefore, greatly in-

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name a few of the diseases of our meat-producing animals

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treated with Axid and another Hj-receptor antagonist. On previous occasions, this

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tutional treatment had apparently had no influence.

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quite markedly altered or even completely destroyed.

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apparent. Professor Japp Sinclair, who occupies with

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relief : the former is usually the case when the blood is

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are those who assert that at this era in surgery, so

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but one case occurring in the series (0.06 per cent.).

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judges, this contest will do much to insure for the city of Cleveland

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thus so is Dioscorides). Scribonius Largus, Conpositiones, 177 (ed.

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of his own and other cases that atropine can be used

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cupped the girl over the chest, used sinapisms and rube-

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Jones (H. P.) Report as resident physician of the Iso-

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or griping ; and that, above all, there is aomething abnormal in the

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time existed around the anus, were removed without any sensation of

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ent articles of food, and their effects on the human

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a great deal of pleasure. There is one thing in the very beginning I

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ing results : complete relief in 5. In Dr. Sinkler's case

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place both mother and child in a condition of safety. If the pro-

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The consistence is the same or slightly less than in the stage of red

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by means of deep interrupted silver sutures, and from this time the use

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they are equalled in the hands of other operators, this opera-

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fracture or dislocation, being in the last two events

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and about New York where infants are bottle-fed the

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Lockyer i^). These figures thus show a maximum of 2 per cent.

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exclusive and partial specialties. In reference to ex-

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Alum (Sulphate of Alumina and Potash) is astringent,

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Pyroacetic Spirit, &c. j birch, in iron cylinders, an acid liquor

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Malaria is a frequent history obtained from tuberculous patients who

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ulceration.^ It had long been well known that at times

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The second patient, aged 34, was admitted in July, 1879, for what was sup-

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to work in quite a different direction. It was realized that what

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cannot but believe that it is better to avoid the disease

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next generation and to repress the propagation of the vicious and de-

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and had a most copious hemorrhage to ensue, which is always hard to

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These results are contrary to those of Shakell and Harris with regard to

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In the case referred to by Dr. Neilson, where forty-five