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medical man, however honest we i^ay think him, it is

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enced it for themselves can form any conception of the frightful eimui of a soldier's life

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The history of this case points, I think, to a neglected constipation,

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bral softening, are secondarily derived from diseases of the

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addition of lemon juice, by the fractional method of sterilization or by

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operation by removing them, but I took a minute i^ snip a piece out of

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to term, and choosing to keep their babies rather than

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there may be some lateral inclination of the head combined with the

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Lond., v. 18 (3), Sept., pp. 222-223. [W a , W m .]

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the field in attempting to describe the ordinary run of

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some instances, in which I have observed these late symptoms, the

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" ^Vhy, you are teaching sex hygiene without knowing it." The

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glandular swellings, which are exceedingly painful and

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space, overcrowding, ventilation, passage ways, light, attendance, food

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the unsuccessful cases, which they attribute rather to injury of the pelvic

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There was a great deal of irregular practice in the early part of the

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Gravel, Gout, Rheumatism, Bright' s Disease, Diabetes, Vesical Irritation,

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ing oxen. The disease once introduced and favored by

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types which we might use for measuring the electromotive force gen-

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28 Higashida RT, Halbach VV, Dowd C, et al: Endovascular detachable balloon

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Edward B. Seldin, d.m.d., Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery.

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internal organ may lead to serious complications and death. In adults

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to the prosperity of the lay doctors, and their opposition

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of incipient encephaloid disease. The patient is now doing

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old theory of "immune zoiie8 " whh no lonj^er tenable.

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syphilis are to be found. In the section of therapeutics there

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zontally so as to save it as much as possible from a kicking

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it was generally conceded the proper treatment of these

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exaggerated them. In the above series of forty-one cases, fifteen gave a

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become rare or have even ceased, it is generally due to the ex-

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without the use of disinfectants ; and the adoption

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and after cooling bathe the parts frequently with it.

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has commenced until definite symptoms referable to the brain render

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ascertained facts are there, however, and, combined with further work

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To promote reaction after operation; I, persistently

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