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Fig. 31. Diagram of experiment to show that the diastolic pressure depends on the elasticity

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ence being seen by observing the respirations of an animal before and

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where a slight degree of paraplegia was present. In its origin

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is said to be increased in all severe wound infections.

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boys. Increase these opportunities and let the girls fence, box,

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a beneficent and noble one, worthy of all honor, and,

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4. Two patients with ruptured spleen operated under

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subsided. The same afternoon Dr. B. was sent for in

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In conclusion, allow me to remind the reader, that to fully observe the

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Introduced into this whole subject by the writings of F. Billings. The description

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unable to traverse the lesion. This was due to subtotal

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the great suffering and rapid change of the last few days of her life.

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Hypertrophic Pulmonary Osteo-arthropathy and Acrome-

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stances, it could not have sustained the water level at a greater height

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water, if desired ; if well tolerated, a little milk and lime water may be

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But the indirect contributionB of Physics to Practical Med-

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discussed, especially in relation to the results obtained by the intra-

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tube, or through an already present perforation of the tympanum

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The brain being the material organ of the mind, the manner in

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glitter, glare; effect of that which hurts the eyes, by