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Health Insurance. — Ten European countries, including Great
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of the disease. The writer uses it to clear out the bowels and remove the
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surface of the second lumbar vertebra. Even if it should reach
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moid. During the operation, to save the ureters from injury,
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Anderson, Dr. E. A., on the use of bromide of potassium in the bite of rattlesnake. 93
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pectoration, every few weeks or months. Medical treatment seems
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upon the toe, or is not placed to the ground at all; the limb is
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Supplies the organism with those indispensable mineral elements:
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surface, pain disappears, a blister taking its place.
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case saved had passed beyond the limit of hope so far as all known and
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have been hired to staff the Center, and a medical com-
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j\I.B. On the internal use of carbolic acid, by Moritz Benedikt, M. i)^
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