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From June 1st to September 20th, reserres Wednesdays.
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and producing absolute loss of taste over the anterior two-thirds
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(3) Castration. — This method of treatment is now abandoned.
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54081 Qalissard de Marignac, J. C. (Euvres completes.
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port on dermatology, Tilden, G. H., 446; cutaneous eruptions pro-
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and a few days later cut away the whole lobe of the lung successfully.
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manner possible by escharotics, of which we believe chloride of
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Samuel H. Catlin ; Tolland County, Lucius D. Isham.
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Surgery as a special branch of surgery, and we are entirely with him in
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culture, but are mixed together, and it is therefore important to know how
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tive agents, though dentition and other influences may stand as predis-
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or four deaths from the use of the salt substitute, and
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feed, and in a f<gw weeks the improvement is almost be-
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one night as a stranger, that he might see you unknown, and judge of your conduct
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medical students. Its pages are free from statistics.
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died of phlebitis. On examination of the joint, one
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friends, and, when she becomes a mother, nominates a father in each case,
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cases there is usually a history of previous ear trouble.
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When a physician talks to you of rectifying the blood, of
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has hindered efforts to help the mentally ill is the notion that