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it is due in large measure to preventable causes. The Alexander

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We commend to the consideration of our sagacious contemporary, who desires to

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bones, and ethmoid cells ; afterwards, partial necrosis of these organs,

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A 3'ear later, in 1896, a three-year-old cat was brought for examina-

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scarcely appreciable degree. With the increased convexity of the lens,

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size, or recent formation, had produced no change in the surrounding

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clipping. Man)- similar cases ha\e been observed amongst the horses

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and painful. Percussion indicated dulness at several points. On aus-

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worst poetry, indeed, was written when he was young"

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We understand that, in addition to the protest entered by Messrs.

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ness of the disease, the localities it affects, and the constitution of the

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had occurred. In the woodcut, the fracture in the vertebral body is

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symptoms very rapidly diminish and disappear. Resolution is gener-

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parrot produce cutaneous lesions identical with those which occur

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marked haemorrhage (see Fig. 71). The cyst in the cerebrum appeared

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large. The urine contained no albumen. Five ounces of serum

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we find that William de Bellingham, coroner for Alexander the third of

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tematic Surgery, should have any beds in the Royal Infirmary.

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to that effect, addressed to the Secretaiy of the Admiralty. 2. As

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on the Lord-President of Council the following day, when the points

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Papers. — Gentlemen desirous of reading papers, cases, or any other

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the walls. The third cyst was somewhat smaller, and contained about

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sheath, to apply them to the cord and skin. This method was preferred,

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day Fund from the Manchester and Salford Medical Charities for

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five years ago, it rose so much that it seemed to confirm the idea long

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Academy OF Sciences: Annual Prize Meeting— On the nth

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This symptom, which is almost always constant, corresponds in

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head which jarred him all over". The head was not tender now to

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by the covered method with clams, and partial antiseptic precautions

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I have been troubled for several years with an eruption of the skin, of a dry, hot

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" A short dinner suits me now, and a nap on the grass by the river.'*

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