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by Professors Billings and Salisbury of Chicago, and cover
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after one month, seemed about to recover; then grew worse, and died.
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long a period as one year, but it may become inert within a month after the
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particularly in a case of pruritus pudendi, the anaesthetic application was
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skin diseases (Pityriasis) they have been found in great numbers and
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This being the case, it seems to us that he would have done wisely either
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WOMACK, Dr. R, 9 Dennington Park Eoad, West Hampstead,
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which he regarded as an element of barbarism. There
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modify these textural changes, we must note them in their early
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as far as human error and frailties will permit us, those
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•34704 Hope, Sir Thos. Practical observations upon divers
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The constitution of this body very wisely identifies this organ-
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pelvis, near the sacrum. He immediately fell to the
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the leech, will serve as a nutrient medium for plasmodia. Such a
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cases in it, and is of opinion that the old pillows, bed-
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brightest lights in the whole medical firmament and based upon
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have been referred to as "the new lepers” and as irra-
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or by the very rapid development of the tumour : it may supervene
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Matthew Kearney Yiannis Koullias Mobola Kukoyi Whitney Lane Allison Lange
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istances of pseudomembranous colitis, has been reported in
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seduced, as the ignorant girl who falls a victim to
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well as in forms of circumscribed abscess. (5) In operative
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digestion (aad there the stomach is in fault), and from
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pancreatic ferment, in an alkaline condition, I have found most
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therefore, we say the maximum muscular effort a horse
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For winter keep hay, roots, cake, beans, or peas are used ;
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del r. govern o nel civico ospedale di Varese. 46 pp. 8°. Varese.
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known as the dorsal antibrachial cutaneous nerves, described here as
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Waterloo, wrote, ' I have never been fortunate enough to cure a
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at recruiting rendezvous at Chicago, 111., Cleveland, O., etc.,