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istances of pseudomembranous colitis, has been reported in
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Subsequent to the arrest of a dangerous hemorrhage, occur rapid and
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wet spots. Keep the young stock from infested or sus-
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Sprmgfield, Missouri, Medical Society. ........ 252
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ly separated, and loaded by effusion ;f blood was extravasated at many points,
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ing physician the nasal accessory sinuses were treated on the basis of
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tight lacing, so far indeed that some of them would pass from five to
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INDICATIONS.— Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhea, Prolapsus Uteri, Sterility, to Pre-
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one patient suffering from the complaint, and as he refused to have an ope-
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enthusiastic concerning the action of rhus aromatic in dia-
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chiefly on the fact that the results of its inoculation into the lower
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they are one and the same disease, and are both due to pus-
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Ochs, Benjamin F., 773 Lexington Ave., New York, New York Co.
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ened, so that he was up and about. An accident occurred at this
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other arthrectomy could not be done, but dissection
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sive breath, dry, brown tongue, little or no thirst.
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pelvis as to be quite immovable; and the tumor rose in the abdomen to mid-
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TABLE 10. — Comparison of Results in Case 1 with Those of
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T was called, July 10, 1886, to see Mr. D., a yonng
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trifying the muscles: " by concentrating the electric stimulus in the
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ing the time schools are in session for three half-days each week
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What's the use of hours and hours of tedious macerations,
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of substance in the external layer. This appearance admits of being
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land above the river. It is a deep red colluvial soil, contain-
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umber of children with defective nasal breathing not
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