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genital dislocation of the hip or the result of a poliomyelitis anterior.

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explain the cause of that strange epidemic ; and, forsooth, Dr. Smith

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which there is given one of the first accurate descriptions of

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to plants which have no power of movement, such as cabbage or carrot, but

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From these brief extracts it is shown that, at least in human

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position to inflammations, which run a special course and lead

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the sphenoidal sinus mentioned above, which was obtained at the

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fibroid and hyalin-granalar. As rejrards the skin, conjunctiva, and adjacent

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or chalky masses, especially when deposited in the upper lobe of the

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with serum, and promised to report the results. While they had not been

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current, in a patient with an extensive right-sided cerebellar injury. There was in this

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to exist, it is quite impossible for us to determine. But it is very evi-

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the shameful ignorance shown by an infinite number of

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Osier heads the list as being the best medical writer, with Park,

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to retain the blood in them and prevent its return to the heart.

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taken up their abode : the rest of the iris was free of tubercle. Tlie

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course of instruction commenced in April (1821), a few days

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tious Diseases. Dr. Meyer came to the U. P. Veterinary School

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