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always have in mind the possibility of a future kineplastie trans-

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Seeeadblla is another forage plant not used in England,

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The presence of the parasites in moderate numbers does not appear

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action of winds, because the temperature of inside and outside air is

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into the bladder^ but into a sac made by an abscess, and

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"Kronig, Deutsche med. Wochenschrift, Oct. 25, 1894.

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23d, the ulcer having cicatrized, he was discharged cured.

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had preceded. After two or three evacuations, a full dose of opium, in

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when the inunctions were interrupted on one occasion, owing to skin

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the occurrence of the pain, attributed to the sudden

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with splints applied to the side of the leg, one moulded from sole leather,

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journals were seldom read, while the society reports

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of Thomas Hubbard to the effect that he secured prompt relief of

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inclusive, by incubating the respective strains in brain medium at

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direction of the long diameter of the pelvis, and after it has entered

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blood. Blood did not flow freely, and for a little time

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nized for many years, it is only within a short time

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* According to Alsephadi, a learned Arabian doctor, the people of India

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tated both larger clinical space and hospital accommodation,

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This is an inflammation of the inner covering of the bowels; the

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Hirsch observed, "is written in those dark pages of the world's story

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LL.D., Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Chil-

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twenty-four hours. On the other hand, such a thought loses its

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RENAL BIOPSY showing a normal glomerulus and a non-caseating granuloma wifh

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"• The Morbid Anatomy of Pneamouia, Canaiia Medical and Sur-