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subject to nuich variation. The period of access is generally early
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in a state of perfect health, is suddenly paralysed in one or more limbs.
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animals, the issue is necessarily fatal; if, as is the case with the pyogenic
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period the ratio of recovery with operation probably increases with
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(6) External disinfection is the practice in which we are at
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July 6th, 1883. — I delivered her of a 10 lb. boy, with only
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To discuss fully the precise mode or modes in wliich the sanitary con-
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saying — *'I hope the cure of this case by compression may help to modente
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the existence of these currents, he satisfactorily accounts for the
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more old-fashioned city it would be hard to find. To me its
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ease and in patients suffering from chronic nervous dis-
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Journ. 27th October 1894.- — A nearly complete bibliography will be found in
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was completely under its influence being sixteen and a half minutes, and the
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in 26 extremities, 3 times on both sides, and 10 times each on one side.
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undulating membrane, anterior blepharoplast with rhizoplast running to nucleus
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be kept uncovered, but protected by a cage. The pain in the toe
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this material in the Medical Department for sanitary purposes.
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any valid reason for regarding it as anything more than a product of
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bridge, 1895. — 2. Beeexgeji-Feraitd. De la fievre melanurique des pays chaiuls, etc.
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typical though. There is no sense of fluctuation, and when
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Fourteenth. Extra-ocular muscle action apparently intact in all direc-
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what kind it will take to repair the injury ; for partial lacerations, or even to
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was first of milk and afterward reinforced with some mild egg-nog.
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easily moved to tears, but are not necessarily timid or spirit-
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medium sized wire rope, leading down, almost perpendicularly from the
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the left, allowing weight to descend on right shoulder
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completed, a relapse is quite improbable. After the uterus is so large
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