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of pregnancy, as it has a marked power of stimulating uterine contraction.

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Fairchild Bros. & Foster, 60 Fulton street, N. Y.

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'■ "Welch Archaeology," considered it to be derived from Lh/n, a lake, or

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property of being insoluble in acid but soluble in alkaline media.

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it may, certain it is that Metchnikoff gave us a theory that forms

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lack of differentiation between cortex and medulla, the latter appearing just

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Essays read before County Meetings, and matters relating to Hygi-

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and is often used successfully in the treatment of stomach stag-

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position that the nerve receives a shock, and the function is

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Dr. W. W. Yard, secretary of the State Examining Board,

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during life or immediately after death. Gas bubbles and bacilli have been

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of the purulent collections which constitute some of the most

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a diary, although too complicated, for easy use. We

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Nicholson, David A., was born July 19, 1871, on Prince Edward Island,

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But by far the most interesting, and dangerous feature of the

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Hopkins Hospital, of which 2 are unpublished, and the remaining 14 have been

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logical attributes. Because malignant disease of the uterus is

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tain period of their progress, we are too apt to consider as hope-

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Such cases are of very rare occurrence ; for in 346 cases collected

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1937. Spangler, John Luther, 429 Montgomery Ave., Haverford, Pa. (19041)

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we, without making a thorough examination, administer a ca-