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M. tuberculosis infections among the staff members of a

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No drugs are more potent to this end than opium and its derivatives,

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hesitancy, and only after repeated solicitations upon his

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latter is neither able to ruminate at will, nor can he sup-

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against this agent, that it is an uncertain one. is to some extent valid, and that

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mere presence of sugar in the urine; does not constitute diabetes,

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septicasmic features. The temperature is irregular and intermittent ; the

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evil results. Deformities, nodosities, and anchylosis due to chalk-stones

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First. There is little or no cicatricial contraction.

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The seriousness of measles in epidemics among uncivilized

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is contraindicated, as are also injections that induce irritation of the

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Dusen, calling for a short-hand writer, said: "What we want is

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period of extraordinary religious movement in question, I feel

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The infection is insidious, and in most instances the

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-A-SPIRATION OF THE BLADDER. — Dr. Haniaide relates

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adjunct to bitter tonics, or as a corrective to purgatives.

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becomes more or less completely paralysed, and contracts feebly or not at

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Fig. 97.— Pulse and respiration (cat). Shows the diminution of the pulse-waves at the height of inspiration

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collected from hospitals for the purpose of hypothe-

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American Jonmal of the Medical Sciences, Jr.ly, 1845.

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'- "' 'li'' IIMI1..-I inip..n.um' ti. ;.M\r r.l. li drl.lil ..[ U-. 1 1 1 i ii] U<' lllr 111..-!

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tal, 8700 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee WI 53226. Copy-

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any body what we were about." Now we simply ask, how this

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irgin upward and a little outward over the frontal region. There is a

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But, if the men that are fond of the phrase therapeutic

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possibility of an essential fever in the course of time

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the size of the fist, that contained clott«d blood. Upon the

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of ill effects in man, but, curiously enough, it is promptly

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operated on by the method described by the writer, the

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V. It must be in a form suited to the physiological condition of

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these substances with each other. After a few words on the classifica-

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are not directly microbian, but are due to the toxins generated