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tures of the guinea pig for one end control, an extreme end or degree
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not once a year but once a week. It is not, of course,
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and throat and of the genitals will often remove doubt ; but, if not, a few
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try. Clinical Affiliate, New York Hospital. A.B. 1942,
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the children who are fed upon the milk, prove that it is not
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cytes were found to be closely allied to the amoebae. In noting
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the same. In cultural characters, virulence, and the disease produced
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average of the whole period, to 149 per thousand of the
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(1) Its extent. It has been shown that burns implicating from one-half to
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no symptoms of local value, save occasional loose, clay-
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SecortJly. .\X an early period in its history, a neo-
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medium to the potato with the organisms. We have not been able to culti-
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the gall bladder, and this expresses some of the bile into the duodenum.
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tous degeneration as atrophy of muscles, abscess of
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Graduate Studies There is a fully accredited three-year residency training program in the
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fying liquids. Bacteria, more particularly the pathogenetic forms, in
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spinal fluid and spleen. In this case, too, it is probable that a diffusion,
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nettles, but this passes off in less than half an hour. The skin
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so that it rnay readily flow out. Introduce nothing healing, but
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ly uneafy, if after having felt frequent and violent
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Case 2. — On the third of October, I was called to see an
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site of the lesions is not necessarily an argument against the theory.
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to which human beings have appeared to contract diphtheria from fowls,
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and usually occupying the interval between the superior and the external rectus