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If the surgeon have the means at hand for the prevention

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patients, twenty-one had known of the existence of a tumour in

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TABLE 2.— Drugs That Produce Both Hypocholesterolemia and Ichthyosis

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superficial lesion of the size of a franc piece was found on the' superior

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passing on the sixth day. The anastomotic opening was sufficient to

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the same sum at University College, Sheffield ; £123 at University-

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exist. Medicine is far from being an exact science. The case,

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reaction. The reaction of horse serum lay between that of the rabbit

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Note. — "While under treatment the above patient had his " ups and downs, 1 ' and was very

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— lancinating pains in the joints are felt occasionally, headache, vertigo, and dimness of

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right eye, developed; tingling sensation in the left hand, with

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Encephalopathy, Hepatic — Davidoff; Werbitt sa919

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Charters Symonds in the British Medical Journal for 1889, p. 996. In both

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laboratories. The second floor has offices, a library, the private

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