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sis and final recovery. New York Medical Journal, Vol. XXIII, p. 294.

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the alphabet through several thicknebseH of cloth, so

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transformed, for aught we know, by the chemist, into a deadly agent.

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however, a class of women, who, free from all domestic restraint, could min-

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lesion, and after remaining there for some time he was advised to come

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sonography in acute cholecystitis: Prospective evaluation. Am J

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ture ; at 12 at noon she was in perfect collapse. A deputy in

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and the symptoms in nearly all essential points are different.

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gramme is offered. The annual oration will be deliv-

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that pain arising in the stomach, when the organ is

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of choice with the general practitioner. The open treatment,

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have shown,* is to be explained the hyperglycaemia following

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12. That in the cases just referred to, after failure by injections, bougies, etc.,

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cultivation of the stoney soil of the East, when they might soon

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geology of Renal Stones — such as their double growth, partly by

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It is, in fact, more than likely that the majority of horses

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This was also a case of " perforation," the shaft of the

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local contraction of the muscular coat, but is occasion-

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the difference in the thickness of the coats of the former, and

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the matter and that consequently the movement is unworthy of fur-

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immunizing substances when introduced into the animal body before the

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This valuable publication can be found in the Southern Med-

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of Paris, warmly supported this view. In his lecture-room at the

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or 78 per cent., had an index of not more than 20,000. In other words,

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larity, which was mainly due to the honesty and con-

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Report of the Executive Meeting of the Ontario Medical

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fied, therefore, in utilizing these in the pregnancy group.

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made the subject of greater interest, although more difficult

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in the mean arterial pressure. This contradiction has not yet been