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on the third day and then gradually declines. In the severe cases where the

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Exciting' Causes. — These may be best considered as (1) chemical

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ism ; in the retrograde changes or in excretory functions, and results both

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more or less fatty, according to the duration and severity of the disease.

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lar tension and are highly recommended. Aconite is highly recommended

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sia may or may not have its origin in a pleurisy which gives fibrin, serum,

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the disappearance of adventitious sounds, will decide the diagnosis.

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Is a disease of childhood. It occurs in children from eighteen months

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the cavity opened, and the pus evacuated. The circulation should be

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initial fever is concerned, but in the appearance of the eruption. Tiiis hem-

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113. Sect ion of kidney in general arterial fibrosis 551

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destruction of bacteria, and flowing water, especially falls and rapidly

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Biver. Students and others coming to the College should inquire at

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rare instances convulsions occur. The pain is relieved by firm pressure

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scure. It is usually slow in its development, and extends over a period of

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Symptoms. — There are no positive subjective symptoms of interstitial

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but its symptomatology, prognosis, and treatment require separate consid-

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In other cases tetanic spasms are the most prominent signs, the rigidity

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by brown or copper colored spots. These spots break down often, form-

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tions of the plantar fascia, while in other cases by spastic conditions of

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the small vessels, narrowing and stenosis are the results of chronic arteritis.

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at their centre of yellow, brown or blackish pigment, the " granite " look-

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arm outward from the body, and the counter-extending force may

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by agencies within, so that any cause which leads to the obstruction of

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other obstructions of the ductus communis, causing inflammation of the

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secretion. The cells continue secreting until the cyst attains enor-

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the ventricle, a regurgitant current from the aorta, and so over-distcntion

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at which recovery is possible and the symptoms which indicate fatal termi-

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active hypersemia which occurs in the livers of syphilitic children, and in

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no palpable changes. But a great diminution (say one quarter) produces

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pyelitis, renal calculi, ])arasites, or morbid growths ; in the

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Inspection now shows a diminution in tiie respiratoiy movements over

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Internal Local Treatment may be considered under three heads : — 1. Me-

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titis, developing during some severe constitutional disease, produces few

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constitutional symptoms. If pressure on the trachea or a main bronchus

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cases, but the rule is to postpone it as long as possible. I am, however,

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desquamation commences the process should be assisted by frequent wash-

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system, may produce atrophy of the heart. It is frequently met with in the

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decomposiiifr animal and vegetable matter. It is well established that epi-

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sema is associated with, or is the apparent cause of the bronchitis, the

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chest, which amounts to actual pain on coughing ; the respirations are

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responding diagnosis. When the disease attacks an individual in apparent

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stenosis proba])ly never occurs without some insufficiency.

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Partial injiUration at the apex of the lung. exteiisiye, they have a metallic