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that its decomposition in theliver and kidneys iscOiniterbafanced. The
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give rise to errors in diagnosis, especially as a history of repeated recurrences
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temptation was strong in me to administer an alcoholic
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out harm or danger. Hence, there is no form of mere neuralgia, which is not
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ment of the disease, may have been unique to the patient
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consisted in the following steps : (1.) A linear incision to be made over the
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it; and that if, at this date, it were being intro-
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with them, but he could not explode them in his improved tube under
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food, characterized by anemia, spongy gums, and by sub-
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their worshippers, and it was a simple matter to cast
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Gunshot wounds are both punctured and contused; they may also
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even as he died he was still trying to indicate to those
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greater was its glycosuric effect; hence an intramuscular injection,
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with the pencil, a mark is obtained which we find is extremely sensitive to
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affections such as eczema and herpetic and impetiginous erup-
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understand why it may not effect these, as well as the produc-
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23. Porter, personal communication to Cushing, loc. cit.
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only near approach to the complex conditions obtaining in man
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In accordance with this opinion the County Commissioners elected Dr. J.
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the accessory muscle then being strongly brought into action. Frequently the
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Operative Technic. — Suprapubic median incision; if the
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sinuses, in which, in addition to a swelling in each upper eyelid,
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mZe, discovered on presenting the ear to the chest pos-
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Chief of Medical Clinic and Assistant to the Chair of Theory and Practice of Medicine, Hospital Col-
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#725, San Francisco, CA 94111; (800) 229-041 1 , FAX
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Fig. I — Coenurus Cerebralis. Showing the sac with its many heads (re.
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thoroughly tried ; and later, large doses of iodide of
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tally wounded arrived at the hospital before death took
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Abundant facilities for clinical instruction are found in
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ing for over a year with attacks of giddiness, weakness, loss of vision, and
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We are not particularly disposed to endorse this sort
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colour. Another reason is, according to physicians, the spleen