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emergency services. The center is designated by Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical

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tial for the production of hypnotic phenomena ; the former thinks that the

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ecanes throughout our State, to form among themselves Pharmaceutical Societies,

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Some years ago he reported, under the title of "Retinal Disease with

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griping and distress. For the tenesmus from which some patients suffer so

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causing it. The symptoms referrible to the movement of the

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encouraging the natural vomiting by warm water and a

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or which limit physician access to services based on arbitrary objectives which

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Perry, whose death was reported to have been accelerated by the improp-

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growth of the dermoid layer of the normal memorana tvmnani C

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turbid that it was impossible to see through a glass, it was a

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The disturbance of the functions of the diaphragm is by no means

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Calc. for C 12 H 18 2 N2: N, 12.62%. Found: X, 12.48%.

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the kindly act won the respect and admiration of all

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lary portions, thus demonstrating that the diameter of the vessels,

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heart, is a substantive, and not an apparent hypertrophy only.

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Bed-sores, absence of, in spastic paralysis, 269, 279.

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festations were, on the contrary, much less intense ; but the disease was

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and nitrous acids were removed by the aluminum amalgam method.

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tn;nsient advertlaemenu may be modified by special eontraot for ~

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4-5 years in boys, . . . Biphtheritis kills more by poisoning than

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may be suspected from the exaggeration of all the symptoms which usually

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individual occupying vertical positions on the dia-

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Medical Journal, July 22nd, 1876, as, although his case is one of

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theless, the tumour was greatly augmented in volume. Six months

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proper proportions of those nitrogenous and phosphatic mat-

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lipoma. In tlie secondary forms it results from the traction on it of an

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nerve transplantation, because it has not as yet been proved to my

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to each German corps-d'armee during the Franco-German war.

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the capsules are described as being in a fibro-fatty condition, with

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fatal. The report of the City Inspector of this city alone shows 260

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the Oral mechanism ; and in that case, as already explained, it ex-

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of the case will assist in diagnosis. If a stick has been used to

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perhaps a few may seek to excuse themselves from their duty in

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trouble, although this is a question about which there are dif-

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