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persons in the last stages of consumption frequently have them.

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I have found atrophied kidneys in the bodies of habitual drunk-

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city-bred children who live under a smokepall for a large part of

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Min. Wochensch. 1886, p. 791. — 17. Ott. Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases,

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difficulties by growing the pneumococci on blood glucose agar in

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French, Briggs, Love, Carpenter, Bernays, and many others. Exclusively used in many Hospitals.

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so much obstructed that it was only slightly pervious.

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for complete adequacy; (4) since the physician would no

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Moffat, William McKee, w, sp, Fort Wayne, Ind. A.B. (Lafayette C.) '15.

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rhoea have entirely ceased; appetite returns. 11th. Swellings

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A. Hemarthrosis. — Practically every joint injury, whether open

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the Stools : Tenesmus. — Bilious, Inflammatory, Rheumatic,

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ptomaines, or perhaps blood ferment. Should peritonitis have

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present; it was 29 millimeters long, 17 millimeters broad at one

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of lime or lemon juice. (2) The juice having been received in bulk from the

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very acute double otitis. Two days later, temperature 104°, pulse rapid, child