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*No. 22. — Chloride of zinc as a deodorant, antiseptic, and germicide. By T. B.

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Intermittent Hyperchlorhydria as an Occasional Cause op

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fluenced the intellectual Europe of this time deeply,

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lYI LLLIIN O i UUU is rich in bone and teeth making elements.

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Douglas. The woman was not in good health, and had mitral

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tirely too exclusive in this respect, and that many good

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shot wound. The patient trembles, totters, is pale, depressed and

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secured under the decidedly more restricted functions of public health

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ity of opinion has never been reached. The first European that came to

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the application of gunpowder to weapons of offence than it has

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believe from my experience. In Ashhurst's monograph on the subject

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on Easter Sunday, 1686. The words he used were, "Le

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as a starting point for certain synthetic work which we had contem-

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etiological factor in this disease. Acting upon this theory the

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horse equipment of a soldier admitted to the ambulance or otherwise