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mode of relieving these terrible cases, hitherto always

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cause focal lesions in the kidneys by occlusion of the veins of the pyramids.

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routine way; he gets a bad result. Had he used his better judg-

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predisposed to the disease. The characteristic symptoms pf the

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And all of this is done without mutilating the patient a

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of medicine, in order to prepare the system, or restore these glands to

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tell that blood poison is present, and suppuration is going

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ing the doctor proposed to bleed him; but he was dis-

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At this period fresh, defibrinated blood (supplied by my friend

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regardless of the above interpretation of their immediate cause,

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Jan. i^tJi, 1864. He is now able to walk with a cane,

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formed by the irritation set up. All the intermediary portions of the

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nervous centres, and where the affected nerve is not irritated by

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were unable to agree upon the main principles of the question,

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chapter on the ptomaines engendered by pathogenic microbes ; the

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transformation is constant, and that as fast as it is produced in the

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reference. No one appears to have questioned the validity

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along with its food or water they develop into the mature

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nature of man, and develop the latent powers of his brain ; and

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but my excuse for presenting them to you is, that at-

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as to their cause, but unquestionable as to their existence.

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was put in place. During this period the stethoscope and rectal ther-

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canneries; (d) seawater as run into cannery just before entering pickle

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supported jejunum arises from the fixed end of the duodenum. Behind