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failure (CHF ), 5 peripheral vascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and abnormal lipid profiles 1

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in respect to the nostrums he sells, and manufactures, I

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the university and received his degree in 1892. In August, 1893, he began his

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hot water for the vagina. Eczema, both in its moist

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of affairs which the embolic theory failed to account for. It

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tive fix>m some cause, or in which the angle of the scapula has s^ped from beneath the e^pe

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Psychiatry. Professional Associate, New York Hospital.

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the time, I considered the morbid appearances so remarkable,

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of complications that may impair or destroy the eye or be followed by

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washed, and the tuberculous tumours rubbed twice a day^ but he

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tablets in solution as an antiseptic and footbath. In spite of the

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article that of 58 eyes affected with some kind of corneal involve-

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turbance, then an emetic may be given, followed by a calomel purge. In

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now, our distinguished ex-President, Dr. S. S. Purple.

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saliva is not increased. The gum is thickened, but, otherwise,

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duration, and have never lost a child under this treatment.

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woman feels the smoke ascend through her body to the nose,

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Nervous System, and their snccessfhl treatment by galvanisation and

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with bases at the cortex. Around the borders of the abscesses the

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The blood-serum of vaccinated animals during the maturity of the vesicle

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anaesthetic Dr. Richardson ever experimented with — viz., methylic ether gas.

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that of providing food and accommodation for pathogenic

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instalments, as follows : — the first instalment to be paid, when the sub-

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pneumonia, the clinical variety showing a greater percentage of lobar