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skin, lungs, and not rarely in the udder. Observers have found among

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pathologically, we naturally turn to consider the mode

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Methods of Gastrectomy. — The study of the ultimate results

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of that organ, which completes the causation. Local conditions in the heart we admit estab-

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Blondel, as well as Tarrulli and Curatulo 44 claim that feeding of

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and evidences of intestinal indigestion, with furred tongue, disturbed

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have been a partial arrest of the peristalsis, which


890. 1002: new department, 894; renal physiology and

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dark kinds of beer. The preparation is not reaUy a solution, but a

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lowed by diminished irritability, or, when large doses have been used,

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diseases promises to be of great service as a remedial agent, in some

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ratory murmur healthy ; tongue moist and coated with a thin

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was given to rabbits was most marked on the kidneys, nephritis and

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examination unmistakeable signs of general infective embolism are found,

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municating with the hip-joijit. It is an interesting question

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centre of the chest, neck and face. The patient slept well every night, com-

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and the whole pelvis, to the outlet, filled and blocked up with a

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are found generally among those who drag out a weary existence at

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uterus, it seems reasonable to suppose the infection is from the

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the one hand, and the pure, active princii>les which they often contain

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that the common insects might act as carriers of con-

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varsan is not so speedy in cases in which the mucous

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quantity of pus could be expressed. Cover-glass prep-

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view, one must be armed with all one's sang froid, and observe

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Royal Institute of Higher Studies, at Florence, has

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properties of the liver cells. In the spleen there is a fibrous

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glands, lying far away from the point of infection and from the indolent

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member of what was known as "The Invisible College,"

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wretched and incapable in mind, but they are feeble and incapable in

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Art. 150. — On Cachectic, or so-called Syphilitic Keratitis.^

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other cases a marked diminution in the severity of the

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tricial masp on eacli side, but tlie end of the thumb

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against the Banbury Local Board of Health in Janusiry, 1866,

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