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ally become badly disabled during the march. Nominal returns

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In regard to the term "sewer-gas," about which there has been

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» treated by use of the Rectal Tube," Fold., 1SS3; "Septic Pois-

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Case XII. — Photograph of posterior portion of palate, two months after operation.

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Naegeli^ and Pratt^ confirm my own belief derived from clinical dis-

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On this first afternoon they were taken in automobiles over

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a simple vaccinal eruption had been regarded as evidence of invaccinated

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after an exclusive application of this agent in diphtheria for two

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in our experiments to determine the sejiarate func-

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of hernia during life. In 47 individuals — 30 males, 17 females —

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thoroughly well pleased with his condition. He was treated by

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needles, etc., were thrust into her flesh without any evidence of con-

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charge. The submaxillary lymphatic glands enlarge. Other

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edge for the boy and girl — in line with the thought of the


ether. In the very young, or the very old, or in cases where

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take." He commenced his medical studies in the office of

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the tents not being attacked until about ten days later.

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tubuli may take place, and in this way a considei-able reduction

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of the veterinary school at Alfort, and by M. B^rard, the

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that previous inflammation had complicated the case.

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is a very simple one. I may call that technique the wet-wall method.

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retina by its tangent ; and we may do this for snudl angles, because in them the lengths

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Morbid Anatomy. — (a) Gummata are rare. (6) Fibrosis of the

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to enrich his collection. Up to 1780 his income ranged

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Anhydrous hydrogen chloride is a colorless gas consisting of

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rior divisions of the dorsal nerves. The same nerves supply a part of the

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as already stated, 353 tickets were issued — at Oxford, the next