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The following paragraph, written by one of his comrades, attests the affection

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Case 10, J. K., thirty-eight years old, entered the

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pressure on neighboring organs and interference with their functions.

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united to a base in the proportion of three to two.

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using it, that the symptoms indicate Hay Fever, and

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in the usual manner, there being marked antero-posterior flattening, the

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color, and of soft and sometimes almost rotten consistence. The

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Fifty-ninih Annual Meeting, held at Bournemouth, July

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patient had all the appearance of being intoxicated. Sight'and hearing

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depression of the upper node and irritation of the low T er node, may

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diphtheria occurred. Two or three cases were reported as

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church, theatre, and market, with a multiplicity of schools,

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Relation to the Upper Air-passages," which was opened by

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Mr. Morris' statement, that we should grow more conservative

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The constitutional disturbances connected with it are invariably ascribed

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corded by me. I made inquiry accordingly, in order to

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doctrine, that the reproductive cells are independent

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What to Do Till the Doctor Comes. — Keep the patient quiet

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individual to call himself an osteopath in order to es-

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Ballance, C. A., M.B., M.S., F.R.C.S., Assistant Surgeon, Aural Surgeon, and

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^Medical Association, will attend the meeting of the Milwaukee County Med-

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