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Barton Booth, who has left behind him a reputation of the highest

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endarteritis of the vessels. The sebaceous and sweat glands are partly atrophied.

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Simidse are divisible into two groups : the old and new world monkeys. The

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In (i.) the patient leans against a bar adjusted so as to touch the maximum

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Almost all the cows kept in stables in Paris are said to die of tubercles }

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ment of the puncta owing to facial paresis ; to stenosis of the nasal duct

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ditions of internal secretion, as for instance in Graves' disease, and possibly,

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increase of the respiration is required to preserve a due balance between

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muscle, to the lower jaw. It is covered with stratified epithelium which in some

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The' first indication of caries is exhibited by the enamel, which assumes a

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The stomach may show catarrhal changes, and rarely small ulcers or

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Eastbourne is chiefly a summer and autumn resort. It is sheltered

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G-aro Hills. It has been investigated by Giles, Eogers, and Eonald Eoss.