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thrombosis, 17 although direct evidence of the deposition
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but it appears that these sensations, on their way from the surface of the
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portion, the astragalo-scaphoid articulation. The inner arch is
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These main facts may be divided up into four histories as being
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office of some consideration) when he eagerly besought
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cases, ten days 1 case, eleven days 5 cases, twelve days 1 case, thirteen
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you have left me entirely, and I attribute this to your prescriptions. I should add, also,
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bladder and the physiology of micturition ; the forma-
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November 17 the diet was reduced to 1,850 calories containing 12.7 gm. of
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sectomy be warded off. Sometimes, where the graft has remained for a
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(Wilkinson, 1904, a, p. 29), we find it reported that the sweepers
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showing in some places a distinct line of demarcation. This line of demarcation
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as far back as 1859, wlien Krassing reported nineteen cases
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of dilatation, and an effectual one for tlie treatment of most cases of stric-
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of the Ambard constant. These tests seemed sufficiently compre-
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the inflammation as soon as possible, and, at the same time,
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to it. The sensitiveness of the skin at the wound itself is at the
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alysis with syphilitic perihepatitis; both begin as inflammatory changes
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In the month of June the cavity appeared obliterated, and
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are in fact very rarely associated with severe wounds or in ampu-
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The filaments of the sciatic and tibial nerves were separated and,
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gave with thymol a dark sherry-yellow color, with al-
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the involution of the rest of the body. Further, the inflexi-
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