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in some cases have been insuperable; and so one- surgeon after
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notwithstanding what Professor Stewart calls the " withering influence
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on the deep aspect of the superior constrictor muscle
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KiCHARDSo.v, T. F".. a.ssistait surgeon. Relieved from duty
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author relates the history of two cases that came under his notice
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not allowed to remain in the foot to cause an injure.
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the position of slack tube in the stomach, leaving only
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ful case during the present year, although several patients with diphthe-
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prominence on the swellmg frorn which the hair falls oil'.
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called horse-shoe kidney (Ren unguiformis, Renes arcuati, Ren
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ments. These tonic and clonic convulsions may recur for hours or days
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Dr. T. N. Duncan, a practitioner at Bigfork, Minne-
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joint. The lacerations had extended up to the level of the in-
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mechanical injury, through the equine larvae or bots.
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this way and many, if not most, of the visceral sensory fibers also
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esting paper, sets forth his inteutiou to establish a
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The bowels were very constipated and the child suffered
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contradictory opinions; whereas Wright* thinks it inefficacious or
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enhanced, by German workers. As regards the question of the functions
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Henceforth we find him laboring in the field that produced the great