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whence the inexact names of tigroid retinitis or pigmented

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the bad cases are almost entirely among children who

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sagacity of mind, decision, honesty of character, all of

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There are no workers in the world who have done so much for

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is cracked. The bones of the face are generally en-

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phied, undeveloped, generative organ was found and removed. The

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identified in the; following list with its corresponding publication in

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officer of the Marine-Hospital Service to visit the in-

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him in previous attacks. His general health rapidly

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Health of Massachusetts, 163; is genius a neurosis? 164; physical

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physiology without a thorough anticipatory education in physics

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S. B. No. 72, chapter 264-1915, providing for the elimination

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vaccination, should be offset by the overwhelming array of

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of this sort, — as, for instance, in the faucial tonsils of the rabbit

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acropolis of ancient Susa, a shaft or monument of black diorite,

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Psychol. Soc; New Eng. Psychol. Assoc; Assoc Med. Supts.

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tion, lest we become involved in philological controversy. I'he book is very free from

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guttural, and the child no longer snores at night. The abdomen diminishes

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for organization." (The italics are his.) This is the prominent idea of

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allow this to be done. A suitable gunshot wound was chosen

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X leaves the continuing activation of factor X dependent on

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withdrawal from the body, when the interval of time would have the

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Pennsylvania — Mrs. C J. Marshall, Mrs. W. H. Hoskins,

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of the disease. The writer uses it to clear out the bowels and remove the

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of that kind recently in Philadelphia. The cases to which Dr.

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sician. The proper recruiting ground for veterinarians