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door exercise the brain is swept with a stream of arterialised blood, and
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acids ; and again ammonia and amine bodies, such as trimethylamine. To
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influence on the health of man, and an excess of the element in the
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three steps: neutralize the circulating toxin; support the pa-
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But little remains for us to do. That little is to speak of the manner
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for the United States and Canada; S6.00 per year for all foreign coun-
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support the view that an eye in which the vitreous has been disturbed cannot be
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of the growing epiphyseal line which destroys the nice balance
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number of hours. True to his word, he went to the door at
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" During the World War, I was a member of the Advisory Committee
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putrid matter discharged on the bowels by the mesen-
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Lt.-Col. R. E. Wodehouse, C.A.M.C, District Officer of Health, Fort
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cine, they are of great importance in the pathology and still more in the
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creases its vitality and resistance to infection. It
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when he enlisted in February, 1916, and had remained well until
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upon the patient's appetite and general nutrition, but in the author's opin-
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fers sulphonal to all other hypnotics. In 72% of his cases he
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mother; (2) there is the violent and virulent purulent conjunc-
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sclerosis as originally described by Wesphal 4 and Strumpell. 5 In fact,
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jects early and carefully ; mere dislocation of the parts will keep op irritation
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quickly regain his feet, and continnĀ© doing his work. If taken
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described will be of important assistance in making a cor-
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second watering place is indicated in Fig. 219. These
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popliteal fossa and detailed palpation was impossible.
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origin, basing his opinions on a number of specimens