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Case 8 discussed by Drs. George I. Miller, Mathias Figueira, Her-
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Cardiographic evidence also shows that in some cases the elevation due
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causes one familiar with it to take up his present systematic treatise
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margins. Their position should be noted and the first turns of the muslin
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exertion, attempts at deglutition, or any irritation, or sometimes without
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plete recovery. At times, in some cases, there would be a complete
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Peuch [Archiv de Tocoiogie, No. 2, 1890) has compared the results of three
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early recognition of phthisis that is essential, and the careful
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in only 3\ These statistics suggest the freq^uency of metastatic carci-
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Dr. William Henry Porter and Dr. Egbert H. Grandin will at
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fistulse are present, it is found that injections into the fistulse themselves are
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It is difficult for those who have never taken a long voyage to realize
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marriage at the age of 25 years. She stopped dressmaking about 15 years
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now provided for by the Officers Reserve? It has been clearly
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the term at the head of a paragraph in this chapter on page 474.
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was seven months pregnant. She also was seized with quotidian inter-
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cavity ; where distension prevented the return of the intestines
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bacteriological examination would give certainty, if only we knew more
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the fact that with our advanced knowledge of bacteriology many points
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points he suggests in connection with the operation itself are the following:
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made at my visit a few hours later, the classical signs being all
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evidence adduced in support of this proposition consists of macroscopic
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"We no longer look upon protoplasm as a substance ; we now
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phia. Labor was induced in the mother of the patient sixteen days before
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cated, this should invariably be demanded. If refused, the
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hand, on those days, and especially the afternoons, when no quinine was
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a drachm and a half, given in single doses of fifteen grains each. — Thera-
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details, with which many of you are doubtless familiar, without
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The several sections of the intestines call for a method of
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with phthisis, cancer, or some other exhausting disease, the first forma-
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possess, the assurance of a regular and speedy voyage, and the avoid-
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Dr. I Minis Hays, No. 266 South Twenty-first Street, Philadelphia.
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Promptness in American operations, even when the use of the uterine
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resolved into an intricate plexus, perhaps more apparent on account of
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The patient, a male 17 years of age, white, was admitted to The
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mine in a given case the onset of suppuration. In deciding this, stress may
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much emaciation. Operation, February 5, 1897. The disease
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of himself and family ; or help him to repair or replace worn-out
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ation between mitral stenosis and the changes in the endocardium and
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This discharge ceased in a few days under this treatment, and there has
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