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It diminishes shock, it lessens the risk of perineal lacerations,

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resulting comminution of the food forms the first step in digestion. The

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region. It is not necessary to search for the para-

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This disease is seldom seen in the lower animals. When it

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(1858), in which he calls Goodsir " one of the most acute observers of cell-hfe."

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6 Pringle : of Lichenous Eruption for Diagnosis

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shows that both were about twice the normal for rabbits, four weeks after

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latina. They act as diuretics and diaphoretics. It is quite pos-

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masters of the ground without any further serious attack being

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constructing the various courses of the institution, in ac-

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Fabian Withers, speaking of physicians, declares : ^^ So

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or in excess, or deteriorated in quality, we can only point to state-

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series, undetermined coefficients, logarithms, permutationB

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extent of three centimeters, and wounded only the anterior edge

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ging. As it used to be with tight lacing of the chest, that no one was

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When he is wet, put him under shelter, and wisp him until dry.

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8. Luxurious and gross living should be avoided by the consumptive,

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This was all on this point; and it is but just to all

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of twenty-four cases of this disease (see art. "Medical Ophthalmology").

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obviating the usual delay of twelve or twenty-four hours

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The work will continue to be published in a single volume.

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cut into transverse sections, were studied as completely as the


topics named. No member of our profession, however, pos-


It is also obvious why the efficiency of an anion should increase