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is thick and adherent for there is risk of rupture of an omental vessel,


ment of the City Hospital at irregular intervals. Six

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side of decaying teeth and to extend slowly into the solid

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understood the psoriasis in this patient had been in existence eight years, while

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It is needless now to discuss the various details of these cases,

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if success be not complete, the patient is always benefitea.

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from seven to fourteen days, and the number of eggs laid varies according to the

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Cyrus N. Chamberlain, M.D., M.M.S.S., died at Jamaica

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sometimes with ease, at other times with considerable straining—

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greased rags or unwholesome materials; if this condition

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known as oligocythemia; when there is a deficiency in the

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more remarkable circumstances manifested in this case, are a slight

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Quain's Dictionary of Medicine. Third Edition. Edited by H. Montague

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passage from the stomach into the small intestine. Proof

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enlarged on a conductor. Two days afterwards the apertnre had in part

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fact, it is not participation in this peculiar physical contact for the

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ra Gum. — This gum swells much in inter; treated with

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most commodious, lightest and brightest apartments in his dwelling.

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understand why it may not effect these, as well as the produc-

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The following is a continuation of the study with some additional

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too little information is ordinarily acquired, or apt to be retained

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ensiform cartilage to the umbilicus would pass across the middle of the

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ten days, coming on about every month. He had had a chronic deforming

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liability to be confused with trachoma. Its signs and symptoms, however,

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Dr. J. A. Doull, D.P.H., who has recently returned from over-

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such articles, mixtures or compounds as, in their judgment, should

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objects they inaugurated what is termed "Physical reconstruction,"

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nine volumes of essays and treatises, nearly all bear-

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water, if desired ; if well tolerated, a little milk and lime water may be

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terwards made ..use of this article, and found it to an-

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.although some otherwise normal individuals have a low renal thresh-

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clot upon the invaginated coats, which can hardly be displaced

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ing town of Brighton. The court granted the injunc-

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that the opinion of Mr. Dease, f qualified as it is by the excep-

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to-day's paper. Mrs. Tulkinghorn : Indeed ! What has he been cured of?

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legal penalties, and much less of the natural j^enalties ; and

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per day. Sugar was excluded; the urine showed no sugar reaction. But on a

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special mention. These are the normal tincture of digitalis made by

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