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one hand of the number and virulence of the infecting cocci and on the other
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Gall-stones and cancer of gall-bladder and 'liver, 228.
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and diffused pigment-deposit, a high degree of oedema is present,
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someone tell us for a certainty the cause of this complaint?
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be taken in the examination of the urine, for it is quite likely that infection
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ill tlic hospital sincf IMC.K. Froin iHd'J to 1H7'.) tin-
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in the treatment of rodent ulcer by the X-rays that first attracted
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and that what I may say will be listened to and judged by^
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and above all it is simple. We recommend it because of
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termittent type. The remedy acted admirably both in the cases of fever
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sistency varying between that of sHme and water. So far as my experience
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that have served their period of existence. Let the tails of the seton
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of death was the explosion of an inflammable gas, which was
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efflorescence which simulated in intensity that encountered in the initial
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from less than 1 per cent, in the opinions of neurologists to 100
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had been quite crippled for along time by the disease,
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destined to maintain the nterns in its normal position (that is to say, in one
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thought for a time a partial excision would be necessary.
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of the pupil depends upon the absorption of remaining cortex, unripe extrac-
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designed to combine the advantages of the Grafe and
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It is proposed to erect a marine hospital at Savannah,
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if I mistake not, a therapeutic agent will be fonnd of incalculable
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On examination the paleness of the patient and a notable sudation
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struck per leucocyte. The authors find that the leucoc^'tes have no power
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for it; and if in doing justice to a woman, he brought on himself a storm
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rather by its astringent action has promoted absorption
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Phthisis, early indications of, 205 ; phlebitis, following
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introduced by the urethra were sufficient to preserve the mucous
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There was dullness at the base of the right lung behind, with a
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chronic productive lesion of the gallbladder and ?nother of the intes-
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paper, and voted to sustain me in so doing, — Dr. D. alone voting in the
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only by following its increase of motion, not by exceeding
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effects of these two agencies are strikingly illustrated
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this subject by the researches on thermal or heat centres
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give it ; but Simon, goaded by the god of gain, now asked forty thousand francs.