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• Presidents Dinner — Music by a nationally known Big Band!

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opment with Ellen S. Jacobowitz, Diane R. Karp, and most recently Innis

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BENJAMIN T. TERRY. Chemo-therapeutic trypanosome studies with special reference

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series of papers that appeared in the Medical Chroni-

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persistent and increasing pain in the lumbar region, then fever,

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The quantity to begin with is one grain of iodine with two grains of

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the diminished area of cardiac dulness, will render the diagnosis

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In malaria, syphilis, tuberculosis, malignant and benign

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abroad (see Questions to Invalids) will give me the opportunity of

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extensions occur only during the hottest part of the year, in late summer

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i. Root Syndromes (Roots and Primary Trunks).— (a)

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treatment should be wholly nourishing and stinudathig.

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giving the natural sequence of the workings of the drug.

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found in the vena thymica, but not in the lymphatics.

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grammes of the chlorides as estimated from thirty-one analyses, and during the

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the relief of gall-stone disease, it is hardly fair to compare the results

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house, which was two and a half miles distant, he found it

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The fact, too, of more sugar being found in the "fatty liver" of phthisis

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On the other hand, the diaphragm may be perforated from below, a sub-