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therefore apt to be overlooked in its earlier stage. In the
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As our physical bodily life is an evolution woven out of the
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had it not fallen into the hands of James Nihell, an Irish phy-
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distention, giving a typical picture of heart failure.
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nially warm in winter, but by its evaporating influence, cools the parts wonderfully
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and up to date; but there has not been much change in the anatomy
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dies I employ are such as are calculated to restore the blood to its
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Goodell's Lessons in Gynecology, yet in some essen-
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also occurs in myxedema. Histologic changes in the pars intermedia et
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Striae of the medullary portion varied from a dark to a pale red. The parotid
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buttocks together. Finally, it was reduced as far as possible and retained in
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Mr. X., age 26 years, (referred by Dr. John Whitehead), an
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Bureau for Literary Reference, No. 132 Nassau St. New York.
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of sulphuric acid and lime, resulting in that tasteless and
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That a Committee be appointed to report whether it would seem
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medicine in Edinburgh, where he was a favourite pupil of Alison
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sciousness and sensibility were but little if at all impaired — and that this
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fection of the wound, we can shut off the supplj', even though the
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two months. He should receive exercise during convalescence,
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baU, and excessive myopia. It is necessary always that the
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odorless; soluble in 1.7 parts of water. Used as a sedative.
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certain seasons of the year, particularly in the autumn. In neither of
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cede the development of pneumonic infiltration in a catarrhal