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the limit, remarks upon these points will be reserved until some
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Physical Diagnosis," New York Medical Journal^ January
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attainments of the physician. The reason for this is undoubtedly to be
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but that in the future he would certainly use Dr. Car-
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all pigments must be thoroughly rubbed into the affected parts,
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AMA’s consultant on physical fitness at that time, spoke
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well describes it when he says, ''' The symptoms of real diseases are
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upon an unwilling wife, and this offspring goes through life with a
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of opium ; in case of absolute intolerance on the part of the rectum,
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ent era, and is concerned largely with living men. I
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siderations; in the first place, a general debility is induced as well of
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* Good's Study of Medicine, 1825, Vol. II. p. 439. f Idem, p. 440.
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the physical, we shall find many parallels in the moral world. The event
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are the only bodies which can undoubtedly act as cholagogues, undergoing
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successive changes that occur during the movements depends upon the
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skiagram is most helpful. The fluorescent screen enables the
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night. An examination after death showed the evidences
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' ii/ii rountrii-H hiloiKjiny to the l'i>»lnl i'li'mn.
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were proof required — that hematosis is not accomphshed in, the
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intestines, particularly the last two, had I een quite seriously affected, but
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liminary isolation by one of the ordinary means. Spores for seeding
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years old that I mentioned talks as plainly as either
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cases of asphyxia from submersion and low temperature, the annual
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genital change due to obstruction of the uriniferous tubules and sub-
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of fat which is objectionable in those who already have a su-
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velvet and has three bars of velvet across the sleeves, in the color distinctive of the
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wonderful tribute to General Gorgas are almost beyond conception-
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remained that were not collapsed. These were still hemispherical,
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Class of 1870, above all others; but just a word for the Class of '8o. On
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case, are sent to the preoperative ward with a note in the field medical
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Notwithstanding the fact that certain investigators have found
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21. Folin, Otto, and Denis, W. : Protein Metabolism from the Standpoint of
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will be attended with fewer deaths than amputation.