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recently published in the Child., and deals with a subject
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applied to the region of the kidneys, where the Spanish fly
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diaphragm, a condition clinically recognisable by lowering of the inferior
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a definite pathology and a definite clinical standing. The
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surface, pain disappears, a blister taking its place.
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constitute the agents of greatest activity in the resorption of the de-
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Such was his ardour, that every day he rashly hazarded his life in
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were hsalthy, and the muscular fibre, though flaccid, appeared
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of managing its administration. Again, chloroform, given
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Hair, Laura Scheibley. Assistant Professor of Pathology.
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which is adding of one embryo to another. Let her beware
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peel, and the sugar. Strain through cheesecloth, pour into moulds and
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6 Vierteljahrschrift fiir off. Gesundheitsflege, xxii. 377.
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hospital for as long as six months and may be on a respirator
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were abandoned, and since using moist plates kept in an anti-
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large quantities of thick reddish pus are expectorated, and spon-
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city last Friday. There were present at the meeting Drs. W. W. and W. J. Mayo, E. C.
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having a particle of discrimination can see this; but were I near-
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In general he is slow to answer questions, a fact which gives tlie im-
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nausea, and slight pains in the stomach and bowels, and to
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of a smaller of the boracic solution is sufficient. If a third of its
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precipitate of triple phosphate forms in the course of some
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rubber di-ainage-tube was left in the dependent angle of
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they are employed in Great Britain, America, and the Continent of
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After the patient is placed upon the operating-table, he is cov-
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acteristic passages is that in which he declares " it
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fetalis and Rh is likewise included under the head-
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Reusing ^ carried out a series of experiments comparing the actions
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or chalky masses, especially when deposited in the upper lobe of the
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fearing to face the dangers of the sea and the horrors of sea-
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appearance of spirochetes, healing of lesions and reversal of sero-
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plans to deal with a protracted military operation involving