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the sternum, on its upper third there is seen a large,

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something to do with the dilatation of the colon above. If Dr. Guthrie, with

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he had before him a case of solid ovarian tumor, and attempt the operation of

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there was a gradual decline, and in 1891 there were

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fundamentally from passive immunity, but suggests this possibility.

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consequence of an increased alkalescence of the blood ; this being

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ered before the Pathological Society of Philadelphia * he says :

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1. Because it is the softest and purest water known, containing no excess of mineral salts and no lime

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ductivity had been diminished but only in the later stages, contractility

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ing into the vagina. In these cases it is quite possible for

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but continues for a short time, until the elasticity of the intervening

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Dr. Wilson was requested to prepare the tables of mortality for

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tion. At first the correspondence would be complete, and each would seem to

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cord ; efforts at forcible extraction resulted in severing the trunk from the

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white powder, slowly but completely soluble in water.

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person found hi any of the harbors, rivers, or waters of the common-

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widely recognized in their field. I would say the pre-

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case of the tearing off of the cord, the bleeding stops of itself

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she is made, and how one slight physical derangement may lay the

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to this cause. But few cases of consumption, I think it is safe

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ful of blood is an art we do not seem to have acquired; although

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delirium with hallucinations exists, evoking the past life of the subject.

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