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logical museums are among the most famous on the continent.

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Thomas Lancheater, MD., of Ci'ovdon, to Citherine, only daughter of

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toward the proximal third of the tube. A few fibres of stroma are

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Onodi, Lecturer on Rhino-laryngology in the University

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the cells. There is a great increase of small cells and nuclei in the

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persons afflicted with chyluria. Lewisi-'^i made a similar ob-

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affection of traumatic origin. 2. The manifestations

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3. That the editorial policy be left in the hands of the editor and the editorial

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which only one branch of it is affected, some in which other

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prevents free nasal respiration ; also measles, diph-

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B Buschke and Fisher, Arch. f. Dermatol, u. Syphilis, 1906. lxxxii, 63.

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chemical analysis, the general average for unripe, immature beets

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fidels, one article of the organization was, that no house of

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The first of these modes by which the respiratory functions are

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some of the best papers in " Chambers' Encyclopicdia " being

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This organism was at first confounded by Thost, Babes, and Hajek

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ately termed an eight-day intermittent fever. If two fever-fits take plac&

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and thereby gives the reader the impression that no form of epinephrin thus far

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prospects were more encouraging. Some of the methods

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2. Enteric typhus, the pythogene or "dirt-begotten" fever,

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Houses and their Relation to the Public Health, reports the results of

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would be glad to recount at Whitehall to a not unsympathetic audience

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suggested must be patent to all. Dilatation gives relief from

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of any form of trance, particularly the lower varieties, such, for

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the stomach. It is caused by cutting off the blood-

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side of the capsule, and this proliferation of cell-ele-