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unable to raise his limbs off the bed ; the legs were some-
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genous vaccine therapy in the various types of mid-
You XCII. No. 17. NEW YORK, OCTOBER 22, 1910. Whole No. 1664.
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suggestion that when the new buildings for the College
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ed to proceed to Washington, D. C, and report to the
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graph, Fig. I, was then made with the anticathode of the x
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— the major part, I do not hesitate to say — in whom
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marked emaciation, the limbs less so, while the abdomen,
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cough, 9 cases, o deaths; scarlet fever, 136 cases, 7 deaths;
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five Illustrations in Color on Thirty-six Plates, and Twenty-
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ered in its work it is often too late to overcome it.
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for medical purposes, for which the sum of $75,000 was
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bia University, has been appointed head of the department
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condition of plague among rats in the district since
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Operation was urged by both the writer and Dr. E. Fl.
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are interested in the scheme are Mr. George J. Gould, Mr.
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anatomical construction of the brain faulty by purely physical
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tinued and thereafter at less frequent intervals un-
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disease he is treating, the principle element of uncertainty
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the Control of Infectious Diseases, by Dr. Simon Flexner,
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the second, in which the patient's blood is examined
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occurring ; those induced for therapeutic purposes.
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as having no deaths during the month of July, and from
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trophy of the heart, arteriosclerosis, and the clinical
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ficers serving in the Medical Corps of the United States
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Cross read a paper on the Treatment of Constipation in
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pelvis and ureter is shown, the rounded tumor masses of all sizes,
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a yellowish color. The tumor was easily broken off at its
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Russia — \'itebsk, government Aug. 28-Sept. 3 6 7
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excellent accommodations. For terms and information apply to
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les marchés d'aliments naturels tau inc
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of a home for inactive cases somewhere in the country,
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Hermesch, H. R., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached
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