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suture we meet the entirely smooth, evenly convex upper end of the occi-
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book is written in an easy, agreeable style, which will win for it many
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that the dose should be very gradually and cautiously increased. Toxic
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J. H., 52 years of age. Carpenter. Referred by Dr. John
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pression to either "membranous dysmenorrhcea" or "exfoliative endome-
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closure of the colostomy w^ound is desired, the line of sutures
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sputum, antiseptic inhalations can be used ; turpentine, iodine,
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had better results from operative treatment than most gynecologists.
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signing of the Armistice, was generally believed, and generally inter-
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What these are to accomplish in Great Britain has still to be ascertained,
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cat and dog. The sacculi Horneri are especially large in the dog.
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between the years 1817 and 1879, found reports of 366 cases of carcinoma
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care at the Pilcher Hospital Sept. 21, 1918. Had been treated
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continued, the diarrhoea had ceased by the time the patient reached
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rotomy on a patient who had a tumor to the right of the uterus, supposed to
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tremely tender point just below and to the right of the ensiform.
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hysterectomy (with which we have had some acquaintance outside
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"The stomach is very markedly dilated. Peristalsis is seen to be
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cases of laparotomy for gunshot wound of the abdomen, with 25 deaths— a
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rently live almost as long as they would have done had they been free
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heart does not want to be cured, but does want to get his drug.
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wedged in between the cells of the ental layer of the epidermis ;
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Beginning with the new year, Popular Science News (New York) is to be
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Where the nodule became continuous with the surrounding skin, the
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in which Bardenheuer for the first time undertook the extirpation of the
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a tip or plug of gauze can be pulled up into the stricture and left
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The Articles written especially for the Work by American,
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" but I must assert that they are quite unknown to me." He elsewhere
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process is added to the bronchial pneumonia is still uncertain, but from
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the region of the sacrum, is characteristic. Irritation of the conjunctiva, seen
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headed monstrosity {craniopagus), Veit refers to a case in which the
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The patient was prepared for operation, and thoracotomy was done
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"I would like to ask the doctor what kind of a suture he used in the
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or where a foreign body is present in the lumen of the tube ;
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Diseases of the tubes and ovaries are mixed up in the same confusing
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