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In 1914 the Department of Health of Toronto entered upon a
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wound sufficiently to confirm or disprove the fact of penetra-
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Horace Wells' name and labours are again duly recognized. Why they
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is no adequate evidence at the present time which enables us to locate
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Medical Record, July 2, 1879 ; Poisoning by Rhus radi-
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promote mental quietude — a lack of anxiety and excita-
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terminal branches of the nerves." Harley, on " the old vegetable
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cranial Growths, 1891. — 69. Krauss. New York Med. Journal, 1895, p. 673. — 60.
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intelligent patients should be taught, as advised by Rivers, to
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view of the great mortality after operation in severe
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more about the dynamics of circulation, it would be profitless to go
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president of the Biological Section of the Society, and a well
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that the people will not be sick according to the descriptions
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too long ; in his own experience the delay of a few days
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infection by absorption into the circulation, the exact part by which the
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genius, or even a genius of any kind. He would have smiled
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reports in the Journal of the Association. [Editors.]
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The condition of the vessels has not attracted sufficient
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Consequently, he gave the patient, in one dose, from fifteen to
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that department and its several branches in connection with
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ent era, and is concerned largely with living men. I
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beets, and cracked wheat to ** top them off " for market.