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BOOK NOTICES. — Current publications are noticed in a spirit of fairness, and with the
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an abortion ; with purity I will pass my life and practice
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The first patient fell a distance of thirty-five feet. There was complete
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of mucus in the bronchi, in consequence of a catarrhal condi-
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in 35 per cent solution. This dye fills the smaller
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scrotum ; it is apt to spread, and is attended by pyrexia. When extensive,
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known and employed th.oughout the profession. It re-
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Eussell (93) seems to ignore the distinction. Yet there are many
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that satisfactory progress is being made from month
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istered. At 5 p. m. sho was sitting up in bed, very restless, pulse 105°, skin cold
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Prof. Chisolm makes one remark in regard to the silver suture not
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corded a similar case. A gunner had his femur fractured by a
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position known as ' Dynamite ' is the one most generally known.
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mental Screening Test: Its accuracy as a screening instrument. J Pediatr 1971 ; 79:988-
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counterbalances or even destroys the advantages claimed." In con-
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1. On Ligature of Subclavian, by Dr. ^ was in debt for the printing of the last
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spiders are sagacious artists. I here allude to their skill in
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Since March of 1981, we have been performing a mod-
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route of infection. One of the reasons I have remained in-
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leucocytes is high in the young with a high percentage of lympho-
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tions in India" (c), "Clinical Remarks on Intravascular Coagulation and Pulmonary
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frequently with vomiting. In adults the paroxysms are less severe as a rule,
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Nicholson, David A., was born July 19, 1871, on Prince Edward Island,
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powder and add alum water as strong as can be made, suffi-
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as thrombin, endotoxin, and such cytokines as interleukin 1
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1. That in establishing medical colleges and hospitals our sole
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intermuscular and areolar spaces. Massage thereby overcomes