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escape or suffer only slightly from pellagra. The observations
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Dated Paris, Dec. 6, 1840. (Silliman's Journal, vol. Ix.)
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Esquirol, and followed generally by Griesinger, has long been
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pox — most of these diseases assuming in the intemperate a nervous or putrid
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exposing the conjunctival lining to irritation. A well-
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tribe, he effects the first crushing, taking care to grasp the base of
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is the unlucky division of cases between the physician and the
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section is explained in that, according to Stieda, only by the accepta-
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I do not now speak either of the smaller articulations, or of cases in which only
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hour, and then the jactitations ceased ; they again came on when
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swallow the ova of the TiBma echinococcus of the dog than men
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on very imperfect evidence ; and with respect to the epidemic of 1865, it is to
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dix.) Ipecac is the drug of which emetin is the active
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deffne the word in a statute, is anything deemed detri-
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towns, was 101,019, whilst that of the rural districts was 70,410.
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mal hearing by the simple process of inflating the eu-
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Tated sore aboTO and in front of the right ear, where the point of
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to cite evidence in support of a view accepted and taught
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whose essence seems to consist in an imperfect slate of the blood, and in whose
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ulcer offers one of the most troublesome problems one may encounter
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The plates are referred to in the Preface as being themselves
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stances; and that their destruction is effected by chemical and not by inflamma-